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Transmission & Gear Oils


API Classification for Vehicle Transmission Oils

GL 1 Non-alloy transmission oils for gear transmission and worm gear as well as for bevelled and straight axle drives under light operating conditions. Corrosion and oxidation inhibitors can also be added.
GL2 Transmission oils for axle transmission with worm gear which cannot operate faultlessly with oils of the GL1 category (due to high operational demands).
GL3 Mildly alloyed (EP) transmission oils for manual transmission and specific gear as well as for axle drive under light and moderate operating conditions.
GL4 Transmission oils for hypoid-geared axle drive under normal operating conditions as well as for heavily strained manual transmission and specific gear. They approximately correspond to the MIL-L 2105 standard (MIL is the US Army specification).
GL5 Transmission oils for heavily strained hypoid-geared axle drive, partly also for manual transmission and specific gear. They approximately correspond to the MIL-L 2105 B standard; the GL5 oils with multigrade characteristics approximate the MIL-L 2105 C/D standard.
GL6 Transmission oils for extremely strained hypoid-geared axle drive (offset more than 25% of the crown wheel diameter); they are now retracted. API GL6 is equivalent to the M 2C-105 A standard by Ford.

Hypoid Gear Oils

Extreme pressure lubricants with EP additives that enhance lubricating qualities and prevent corrosion. Mainly used for axle drive in vehicles that have spiral bevel gears and offset gears (hypoid gears).

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

ATFs are especial lubricants that meet extraordinary high demands of automatic clutch and transmission systems. These require a very good viscosity and thermic characteristics, shearing strain stability, high resistance to oxidation, outstanding frothing and air-releasing properties, defined friction characteristics, EP characteristics, etc.







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