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Mico liplex grease

MICO POWER 2T OIL - API TC Engine Oil For Air-Cooled 2-Stroke Cycle Engines

MICO POWER 2T ,two stoke engine  Oil is a premium quality, low-ash, API TC engine oil specially formulated for use in high-output commercial chain saws, motorcycles and other air-cooled 2-stroke cycle engines. It may be used in either direct oil injection or premix engines.

MICO POWER 2T, two stroke engine oil  has a high level of detergency to help minimize piston ring sticking and exhaust port deposits to maintain good power output in 2-stroke cycle engines. It has excellent lubricity to protect against piston and cylinder scuffing, and helps reduce spark plug fouling and preignition problems. It is pre-diluted with a high-flash solvent for easy mixing with gasoline at low temperatures for premix applications.

2 Stroke Scooter/Motorcycle engines .
High-output commercial chain saws that operate at 17,000-20,000 rpm
Other air-cooled 2-stroke cycle engines where an API TC oil is specified(1)

Features & Benefits:
Low-ash formulation helps minimize engine deposits and preignition
High detergency helps minimize piston ring sticking and reduce exhaust port blocking
Protects against piston and cylinder scuffing
Reduces spark plug fouling
Excellent rust and corrosion protection
Meets JASO FC low-smoke requirements
Keeps engine parts clean
Mixes easily with gasoline at low temperatures for premix applications
Dyed for easy visibility when mixed with gasoline
Suitable for either direct oil injection or premix engines

(1) Note: For premix engines, always follow the manufacturer’s  recommendation for choosing the proper fuel-to-oil mixing ratio.