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Mico liplex grease
MICO POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSION FLUID: Caterpillar TO-4 Fluid For Off-Highway Equipment

MICO Powershift Transmission Fluid is a high-performance multifunctional fluid developed for use in transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems of off-highway equipment where a fluid meeting Caterpillar TO-4 performance requirements is specified. It provides substantially improved friction and antiwear performance compared with older API CD/TO-2 quality fluids, resulting in longer equipment life and reduced risk of field failure. The SAE 10W and 30 viscosity grades also meet Allison C-4 performance requirements for use in Allison off-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions.

MICO Powershift Transmission Fluid is formulated with state-of-the-art additive technology that provides improved deposit control, corrosion protection and load-carrying capacity for better equipment protection and more reliable operation. Carefully optimized frictional properties ensure positive shifting, more consistent transmission operation and improved wet brake performance.

Powershift transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, torque converters, final drives and hydraulic systems of Caterpillar and other off-highway construction and mining equipment
Heavy-duty commercial automatic and manual transmissions where an Allison C-4 or Caterpillar TO-4 fluid is specified

Note: Typically, the SAE 10W and 30 viscosity grades are recommended for hydraulic systems and transmissions, and the SAE 50 and 60 viscosity grades are recommended for differentials and final drives. Refer to the OEM recommendations for selection of the proper viscosity grade.

Features & Benefits:
Well-balanced frictional properties for positive shifting and improved wet brake performance
Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability for long fluid life
High load-carrying capacity for protection of final drive gear sets
Excellent deposit control and wear protection
Protects yellow metals against corrosion
High shear stability
Compatible with a wide variety of seals and friction materials